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LocationIQ is a leading provider of Location Based Services for developers, offering an extensive range of affordable and highly scalable APIs for Geocoding, Maps and Routing. Leveraging a combination of Open Source technology and high-quality datasets, LocationIQ enables developers and businesses to build smarter applications and to unlock the power of location-based intelligence.

Benefits of using LocationIQ include:

  • Accurate and up-to-date location data: LocationIQ sources data from multiple sources to ensure the accuracy of its location data.
  • Fast and reliable API performance: LocationIQ’s APIs are optimized for fast and reliable performance, providing fast and accurate results for geocoding and location search.
  • Based on Open Data: We Believe, use, & contribute to open-soruce and community projects
  • Flexibility: LocationIQ provides simple and flexible APIs that can be easily integrated into any application, website, or platform. No vendor lock-ins, no hidden charges, no mandatory contracts.
  • Affordable pricing: LocationIQ offers affordable pricing plans that make it accessible to developers of all sizes.
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