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Wiredmoney LLC is one of the largest global private financial firm. In addition to its main business activity of private banking. Wiredmoney LLC is also active in the fields of S.W.I.F.T Instruments, Bloomberg Terminal Screen, Clearstream Luxembourg, Euroclear, DTCC SEPA, TARGETS2,EBICS Transactions and as well as all other standard banking operations.

We are ISO20022 compliance S.W.I.F.T private firm. The Wiredmoney Group has grown to a very enormous network across the globe with branches across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. With Wiredmoney business will always make you move to success.

Wiredmoney LLC is SERVING QUALITY SERVICES to the public and it’s customers. We also have partnership with few Genuine S.W.I.F.T private Financial service provider with banking license approval and private financial firm.

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