/Press Release/ Roofstock, the leading digital real estate investing platform for the $4 trillion single-family rental home sector (SFR), today announced the next phase of Roofstock One, its targeted investing platform that gives accredited investors innovative access to this growing asset class.

Roofstock One wraps all of Roofstock’s expertise and capabilities, including its deep data science, institutional-caliber research and skilled property acquisition and management services into a single, fully managed product. With Roofstock One, investors can buy shares representing interests in rental homes across markets and multiple properties rather than having to purchase entire homes, making investing in SFR similar to buying a share of stock. Accredited investors can invest in Roofstock One shares for as little as $1,000 with an introductory offer through December 31, 2021.

Roofstock One is a radically simple alternative to traditional real estate investing. Roofstock uses its SFR investment expertise to identify and acquire properties in markets that its data science and research teams have identified as potentially attractive investment opportunities. Roofstock One then issues shares that represent ownership interests in the selected SFR properties. These shares are then bundled based on geography or other characteristics of the properties to provide investors exposure to different investing strategies. Accredited investors can select groups of shares that align with their investing goals, add the investment to their shopping cart, and complete their purchase in a matter of clicks.

“The attractiveness of SFR has long been its ability to generate strong, consistent returns over the long-term in a way that is almost entirely uncorrelated to the stock market,” said Gary Beasley, CEO and co-founder of Roofstock. “We believe Roofstock One makes SFR real estate investing the simplest it has ever been.” 

Benefits and highlights of Roofstock One include:

  • A hands-off, fractional ownership approach: Investors get many of the economic benefits of direct ownership, such as potential cash flows from rent and asset appreciation, without the traditional associated responsibilities, like managing renovations or tenancy issues.  
  • Ability to customize the investment: Roofstock One allows investors to choose targeted portfolios based on their investment goals. 
  • Professional property and asset management: Roofstock One leverages Roofstock’s industry-leading platform to optimize the performance of the properties on behalf of investors with the goal of maximizing returns on an ongoing basis.
  • Simple tax filing: Roofstock One’s innovative structure makes tax time easier by providing investors with a Form 1099, avoiding Form K-1s and partnership tax issues.

Roofstock’s founders are pioneers of SFR. They were among the first to bring institutional capital, data science, digital technology, and asset management capabilities to an asset class that lacked a modern investing infrastructure. At its launch in 2015, Roofstock took the radical step to democratize access to SFR by making its investment expertise, data, and operational services, along with an exclusive inventory of rental homes available to everyday investors. The solutions Roofstock offers to investors have driven the company’s tremendous growth; surpassing $4 billion in transaction volume along with explosive expansion of its fully managed investment services, which has grown 50x since the beginning of 2021. The relaunch of Roofstock One marks a significant milestone that further levels the playing field for the individual accredited investor.

Roofstock One’s market footprint currently includes homes in affordable markets, such as Georgia, Indiana, and Alabama, that likely will continue to benefit as work-from-home trends become increasingly prevalent. This launch of Roofstock One is just the beginning. Roofstock One is continually innovating on behalf of consumers to create new investment opportunities in SFR. The company is currently exploring a blockchain solution that could reduce transaction costs, streamline reporting, and potentially offer enhanced liquidity options by tokenizing Roofstock One shares or other SFR-related products.

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